About Us

Place of Refuge Society is a Christian organization that provides transitional living accommodations in South Vancouver for people recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. Our mandate is to provide a safe environment for people to become healthy, confident and drug-free.

Our program is:

  • A person centred and relational focused wellness model
  • Place of Refuge is a Christian based program, although services are open to all regardless of faith commitment
  • Committed to abstinence-based recovery
  • Ensures a drug, alcohol and violence free environment

Life at Place Of Refuge

Individuals who have successfully completed an abstinence based recovery program are eligible to live at the Place of Refuge where they:

  • Attend two in house groups and one community support group each week
  • Attend the school of their choice to enhance their education and/or work in the local community
  • Have access to group and one-on-one counselling
  • Have 24 hour support with a live in night staff
  • Live in a drug, alcohol and violence free environment
  • Receive on-going support from a from a licensed addiction counsellor
  • Are committed to an abstinence-based recovery program

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