Place of Refuge Society is a Christian organization that is licensed by the city of Vancouver and regulated by the Assisted Living Registrar of British Columbia. We provide a transitional living program for people recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. Our mandate is to provide a safe environment for people to become healthy, confident and drug-free.

We consider dependency to be a physical, mental and spiritual disease and the chemically dependent person to be deserving of the same respect and dignity afforded to persons afflicted with any other illness. We believe that individuals can recover from their disease and can rebuild abstinent, productive lives. Program graduates will have recovered to the point where they can successfully integrate into the community.

Place of Refuge does not rely on government funding. Instead, support is raised through client contributions, donations from individuals, sponsoring churches, and MCC British Columbia.


Place of Refuge is pleased to announce the formation of its new alumni group!

Reive Doig


The first Place of Refuge Alumni Meeting will be held at 7 pm Sunday, April 18th


Since 2009, Place of Refuge has played a part in the lives of well over 150 men, helping them strengthen their recovery to find their footing as they prepare to live independently and free of drugs and alcohol. While our men have moved on with their lives, they remain a part of Place of Refuge’s story.


Beginning Sunday, April 18th, we will gather together--virtually at first and eventually in person at the house--to share stories of recovery and what our men's time at Place of Refuge meant to them. These regular meetings will provide an opportunity to support each other with the challenges and strengths life can present.


Our alumni meetings will take place on the third Sunday of every month to increase in frequency based on interest. Our support worker Reive Doig will host our meetings.

If you’re an alumnus of Place of Refuge and would like to participate, please email reivedoigpor@gmail.com for the Zoom link.


Thank you,


Reive Doig
Support Worker
Place of Refuge


Finding art again in the pandemic


John del Rosario standing next to his painting


John del Rosario arrived at Place of Refuge in 2019 after seven months in a recovery house and nearly a decade spent in addiction before that. While he often spoke of his passion for painting and hoped to return to it, he still hadn't found his motivation to pick up the paintbrush he'd put down so many years before. All of that changed with the onset of the pandemic. Staying at home to protect himself and his community, John found the inspiration to once again begin painting, brightening both his life and the walls of Place of Refuge.


John has graciously offered to donate 40% of any proceeds from his art sales to Place of Refuge. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of John’s artwork, you can view his instagram page here.


If you would like to contact John directly, his email is jedrstrategies@gmail.com


Place of Refuge has a new fence!


new fence


A well-maintained facility at Place Of Refuge (POR) is appreciated by the residents and noticed by our neighbors. In August 2020, 90 feet of dilapidated fence was replaced with a beautiful cedar structure. This was made possible by the generous donation of building materials by Richmond Building Supplies (RBS). Tom Niebuhr, Director of RBS, coordinated the acquisition and delivery of the materials. Place of Refuge is grateful for this generous contribution that will be enjoyed for years to come.

new fence new fence

Richmond Building Supplies (RBS)

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