Applicants must:

  • Have a demonstrated commitment to recovery for at least three months (or as assessed by staff)
  • Be motivated and ready to implement a personal recovery plan with monthly reviews that includes a:
    • concrete and detailed action plan for employment or education that you will implement while in the structured Transition housing program
    • recovery maintenance and relapse prevention plan;
    • financial management plan
    • social and leisure time action plan
    • plan to address your prioritized recovery needs
    • desire to live in a Christian based residential program
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to abstinence
  • Be stable enough to self-organize successfully in the routines of healthy daily living

How do you apply to access the Place of Refuge Transition Housing Program?

  • Substance use and mental health professionals can refer you to the program
  • Self-referrals are also welcome
  • Complete the application form (links below)
  • Contact Jeff Borden at the Place of Refuge Housing Program Admissions Office at: 778-875-8940. Toll Free Fax: (866) 528-8184
  • Email:

Download the Referral Application Form as a PDF or Word Document

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